RPMs Three Pillars

What Is Performance Management?

  • Goal Management 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Leadership
  • Effective Communications
  • Digital Transformation 



To provide the highest quality services and solutions to your people and organization, RPM

Partners believe that it takes a strong team of highly talented people that can get the job

done. Every individual that is involved with RPM is a business leader in each of the respected

fields we specialize in – across the board. We are very proud to be able to introduce all our

clients to the amazing team of people that we have here at RPM as we know the results will

speak for themselves. 



Process & Systems

Aligning, tuning and ultimately delivering performance requires the right combination of tools,

resources, processes and systems. There is no “magic bullet” and “one size fits all” as we

believe this is as unique as each organization itself. One of our main goals here at RPM

Partners is to put together a business process that will help you achieve your goals and move

you and your organization’s to you long-term strategic objectives while being aligned to your

core values. We take pride in developing the appropriate processes, systems, and technology

along with subject matter experts working with you and your team to figure out the ideal

setup that will match your end goals. RPM Partners wants to fully utilize all of our best

resources and strategic partnerships to put together a client package that is tailored to your

specific needs and objectives. As much as we take the same process upfront with every client

we work with, we like to specialize the process for each client as we know everyone has

different end goals, requirements, and unique situations to work around. In the end you have

clarity and confidence through the merger of process, systems and technology that are aligned

and propelling you towards your performance outcomes.



Data & Insights

RPM Partners believe the more information and evidence you have to make decisions and

focus direction and attention and priorities for you and your organization, the more you “TAP

into” the drivers of performance. When it comes to tracking things such as goal management,

accountability, performance, collaboration, data analysis, and a variety of other measures, we

understand the importance and effectiveness of delivering these insights to you and your

organization. The analytics behind data and insights are areas that RPM Partners have a major

hold on in the marketplace, with a big thanks to the world-class team of consultants &

researchers and technology solutions we can offer our clients. We recognize that how we deal

with the little details shape the details and characters needed to accelerate your business to

new heights with our strategic help. This saves you and the organization time, money, and

frustration which frees up resources and energy to invest in areas where performance

emerges and grows.



Are you ready to take you and your team to the next level of performance and build the
culture of alignment, accountability, and performance that becomes the envy and model for
your industry!


Process & Systems

Data & Insights